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Boston University’s Emerald Review:

The Emerald Review is an undergraduate student-run publication that seeks to highlight the works of students in the field of earth and environment. The publication offers viewpoints from a broad spectrum of opinions and backgrounds in order to promote a general understanding of a green and sustainable world. We are a small dedicated staff of volunteer students who are fascinated by the natural world.

Our Editors have worked hard to make each article you read a refined work. We have had the pleasure of receiving articles on topics ranging from the international climate negotiations in Paris to Boston University’s own Earth House. We encourage first time readers to take a few moments to read some of our work and learn more about our staff. 


Editor-in-Chief/Mike Baker

Mike Baker is the Editor-in-Chief for The Emerald Review. He is a senior majoring in Economics and Environmental Analysis and Policy. If you’re seeking him out, you’ll likely find him riding his bike on Comm. Ave or elsewhere in the Greater Boston Area — while also consuming an exorbitant quantity of local food. He is a passionate advocate of public transportation, environmental sustainability, and urban development. Mike has strong experience in the public sector and, most recently, worked with Vineyard Wind.

Managing editor/Olivia Williams

Olivia is a senior studying English and Earth & Environmental Science. She is a writer, an aspiring researcher, and a sometimes-poet, but most of all she cares about creative and effective climate communication. This is her third year with the Emerald Review and her second year as an editor.

Copy editor/Chance Rogala

Chance Rogala is a Copy Editor for The Emerald Review. He is a senior double majoring in Political Science and Economics. Besides his work with the review, he contributes to improving BU through the Student Government. The best way to get on his good side is to provide him with any amount of Oreos.

Copy editor/Reese Collins

Communications Editor/Sara Mack

Website Editor/Ethan Brown

Ethan is a junior from Bethel, Connecticut pursuing a dual degree with Film & Television and Environmental Analysis & Policy. Outside of the review, he is Programming Coordinator for BUTV10, an active member of The Bunion and BU On Broadway, and a consultant at the CAS Writing Center. Ethan hopes to use his loves for writing and film/tv to communicate environmental issues and spur more solution-oriented bipartisan discussions. His favorite TV show is The Good Place, and he is passionately opposed to pineapple on pizza.

Senior Staff Editor/Andrew Kelbley 

Andrew is a senior staff editor of the Emerald Review. He is a junior studying Economics and Environmental Analysis and Policy, and he wants to go to law school eventually. Outside of the Review, he is active in ESO, Amnesty International, the BU Band, and eating vegan pizza in the BU dining halls.

Senior Staff Editor/Rachel Gentile

Rachel Gentile is a senior double majoring in Earth and Environmental Science and Public Relations. She is Communications Director of BU Climate Advocacy Research Education (CARE), is involved in the Environmental Student Organization and hosts Transmission Impossible, a film score and soundtrack show on WTBU Radio. At any given moment there is a very high probability that Rachel is waiting in line for coffee, listening to the Mamma Mia 2: Here we go Again Soundtrack or most likely both.

Staff editor/Joey Chen

Staff editor/Emily Hunter

Staff editor/Amelia Murray-Cooper


Senior Staff Writers

Scott Johnson

Jenny McMullin

Olivia Henning

Megan Crimmins

Julia Maruca

Staff Writers

Matthew Tate

Margaret Covert

Nicole Soulas

Olivia Amitay

Maneesha Khalae