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Interested in becoming a staff member?

The Emerald Review accepts staff applications at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semester of each academic year. Staff members are required to contribute at least two (2) articles to the review per semester on a predetermined schedule. Staff members will report to a member of the editorial board. Staff members are also encouraged to contribute additional articles each semester.

Applicants to a staff position must submit a writing sample. The sample should reflect your writing and/or research skills, but need not be related to an earth and environment topic.

To apply for a staff member position, complete the form below, and a member of the editorial board will reach out.

Interested in submitting an article for publication?

The Emerald Review strongly encourages undergraduate students at Boston University and other colleges and universities to submit articles in contribution to the review. The review accepts articles condensed from papers written for courses and articles written independently; however, the review will not accept previously published articles or other pieces of writing.

To submit an article for publication, complete the form below including your headline and a description of the article, and a member of the editorial board will reach out. In order for an article to qualify for publication, it must be submitted on or before: February 9, 2018 (First Release) or March 23, 2018 (Second Release).

Any other questions? Feel free to ask using the form below.

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