Seasonal Eating May Imply Less Avocado Toast, but More Environmental Benefits

Buying in-season fruits and vegetables is accessible through farmers markets, local gardens, and small grocers. However, buying out-of-season produce has increased with advancements in technology and improving the way food is grown, transported, and distributed. Fertilizers, pesticides, and unnatural growing patterns allow for food items to be purchased at any time of the year. This […]


Spiraling Like Hurricane Ian: The Cycle of Natural Disasters and Climate Change

On September 28th, 2022, Lee County of western Florida saw climate change knocking on its doors, inviting itself in, and ruining its communities. In the blink of an eye, neighborhoods, businesses, and wildlife were swept up and washed away by Hurricane Ian—an environmental catastrophe strengthened by climate change whose long-lingering damage will take decades to […]