Chernobyl’s Red Forest: An Environmental Perspective on Technological Innovation and Destruction

Walking across a dead pine tree along one of the tributary streams of the Pripyat River, a pack of wolves searches the forest for their next meal. Mice and foxes hear the pack rustling through the woods and flee, diving into pine burrows and damp wooden walls to avoid detection. Eventually, the group stumbles upon […]


Masculinity and Environmentalism: What it Means to Be a Man in America

What does it mean to be a man in America? According to the American Psychological Association’s Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men, “components of traditional masculinity such as emotional stoicism, homophobia, not showing vulnerability, self-reliance, and competitiveness” are hallmarks of “growing up manly” in the United States. Men are encouraged to embrace their […]


Under the Radar: The Implications of the Pakistan Stream Gas Pipeline

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan met in Moscow to discuss the implementation of a national gas pipeline in Pakistan. The multibillion-dollar project does not have a proposed completion date, but both nations have agreed to discuss the project’s viability and strengthen Russo-Pakistani energy relations. News of the Russian invasion of […]