Green Steel: A 120 Million-Dollar Idea 

Steel is present in a myriad of everyday items from cutlery to refrigerators, and the global steel industry directly employs more than six million people. It is, undoubtedly, a necessary material and industry, but it contributes to a significant amount of climate change-inducing emissions. During the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015, the United Nations declared […]


How Renewable Energy Prevents Wars and Climate Change

The reliance of the European Union (EU) on nonrenewable energy has perpetuated the ongoing violence occurring in Ukraine, and the solution could be renewable energy. The acts of war that have occurred between Russia and Ukraine may influence the long-overdue switch to renewable energy in many major world powers. This is because of the European […]


Individualism in the United States: A Cause of Climate Denial

A highly influential study from 2013 revealed that 97% of scientists agreed that human action was responsible for the climate crisis. This statistic shook the populus, but not enough to rid society of climate denial. A recent study that came out in October 2021 displayed a new and even more dire statistic—99% of scientists acknowledge […]